DepMapAnalysis 0.1.0 (2021-06-09)

Major changes

  • Initial release version suitable for use on Shiny Server.
  • Reworked object approach to now use DepMapAnalysis for both CRISPR and RNAi gene effect datasets. Previously, these were classed as Achilles and DEMETER2, which is confusing. Now both CRISPR and RNAi experiments keep track of project source and scoring method more clearly.
  • Simplifed internal code to improve consistency between import of gene effect and gene expression from CCLE.
  • DepMap releases starting from 2020 are supported.

DepMapAnalysis 0.1.1 (2021-06-21)

New functions

  • plotTopGeneEffectPerGroup: Added a new plotting function that makes it easier to visualize gene effects (dependency scores) across a subset of cell lines, such as specific lineages (solid tumors, blood cancer, etc.).

Minor changes

  • Ensuring legacy Achilles S4 class definition remains exported, to maintain better backward compatibility with objects saved prior to v0.1.0 release, where we switched to DepMapAnalysis object as the primary class for analysis of Broad Achilles data.
  • plotGeneEffect: Added support for violin geom, and improved consistency of ggplot2, using a switch call internally.
  • Reworked some imports from basejump dependency package.