basejump 0.3.0 (2018-02-16)

  • Switch to using assertive internally for assert checks.
  • Now exporting these assert check functions: assert_formal_annotation_col, assert_formal_color_function, assert_formal_compress, assert_formal_gene2symbol, assert_formal_header_level, assert_has_rownames, assert_is_a_number_or_null, assert_is_a_string_or_null, assert_is_an_implicit_integer, assert_is_an_implicit_integer_or_null assert_is_an_integer_or_null, assert_is_annotable, assert_is_character_or_null, assert_is_data.frame_or_null, assert_is_gene2symbol, assert_is_implicit_integer, assert_is_implicit_integer_or_null, assert_is_tx2gene, has_rownames, initializeDirectory, is_implicit_integer.
  • Renamed md* functions to markdown*.

basejump 0.3.1 (2018-02-19)

  • Now exporting all assert checks in camel case instead of snake case, to match consistency in the rest of the package.
  • Added sanitizeColData function.
  • Added assertAllAreNonExisting function.
  • Now exporting midnightTheme as a theme_midnight alias to match the syntax in the ggplot2 package.
  • Added working examples and code coverage for all assert check functions.
  • Simplified the internal collapse code for annotable to simply work on the Entrez identifier column (entrez). If a manually passed in data frame still has duplicates, the function will now abort instead of attempting to use collapseToString.
  • Added ggplot2 color palette assert checks: assertColorScaleContinuousOrNULL, assertColorScaleDiscreteOrNULL, assertFillScaleContinuousOrNULL, assertFillScaleDiscreteOrNULL.