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  • For all proposed changes, fork the repository, and then issue a pull request that will be reviewed.
  • Merge external pull requests in the develop branch of the repository, rather than master, if possible.
  • Pull requests must pass build checks on Travis CI.
  • Support is only provided for the current release version.

Package style syntax

Attempt to follow these style guides, by priority:

  1. Bioconductor coding style
  2. tidyverse style guide
  3. Google R style guide

Please adhere to these guidelines, in particular:

  • Object and function parameter arguments should be formated in lowerCamelCase.
  • Use spaces instead of tabs. Indent with 4 spaces.
  • Use <- and not = for assignment.
  • Explicitly define if/then statements using opening and closing brackets ({, }).
  • else declarations should be on the same line as the closing bracket.
  • Use spaces around assignment operators (<-), brackets ({), and comma delimiters (e.g. c("foo", "bar") not c("foo","bar").

Required checks

Run these commands prior to a pull request:


Rebuild website

unlink("docs", recursive = TRUE)