acidtest 0.2.0 (2019-07-21)

  • Disabled lazy data loading.
  • Spelled out object class names to make example data more straightforward.
  • Saved additional SingleCellExperiment and SummarizedExperiment examples.
  • There’s no currently no supported way to redirect old data names, so these changes are breaking.

acidtest 0.2.1 (2019-07-30)

  • RangedSummarizedExperiment: Resaved with additional metadata columns in rowData that are useful for unit testing in DESeqAnalysis package.

acidtest 0.2.2 (2019-08-02)

  • cell_data_set: New example monocle3 cell_data_set S4 object.

acidtest 0.2.3 (2019-08-10)

  • SingleCellExperiment: Updated example to zero pad both row and column names. Previously, only the column names were padded.
  • Improved reticulate documentation on how to process Seurat.

acidtest 0.2.4 (2019-08-13)

  • Resaved Seurat and SingleCellExperiment_Seurat objects.
  • Added additional comments regarding how to configure reticulate and UMAP to generate an example Seurat object with dimension reduction applied.

acidtest 0.2.5 (2019-08-27)

  • Updated R dependency to 3.6.

acidtest 0.2.6 (2019-10-21)

  • No longer checking against NA for syntactic functions.

acidtest 0.2.7 (2019-10-30)

  • Resaved objects following Bioconductor 3.10 release.

acidtest 0.2.8 (2019-11-11)

  • Resaved cell_data_set object.

acidtest 0.2.9 (2020-01-18)

  • Renamed DataFrame example to DFrame, based on Bioconductor 3.10 change.
  • Resaved all example objects.

acidtest 0.2.10 (2020-01-19)

  • Migrated band_instruments and band_members (dplyr join examples) from now archived transformer package here to acidtest.

acidtest 0.2.11 (2020-01-20)

  • Reverted saved version of SingleCellExperiment back to v0.2.8 version, as too many unit tests will fail in basejump otherwise, due to splatter creating a new random count matrix.

acidtest 0.2.12 (2020-01-27)

  • Removed monocle3 cell_data_set example object. Will add back when monocle3 is available on Bioconductor.

acidtest 0.2.13 (2020-01-28)

  • Documentation fixes to pass CRAN release checks.

acidtest 0.2.14 (2020-01-28)

  • Additional documentation fixes to avoid CRAN warnings related to roxygen2 not outputting correct usage example for data when lazyData: FALSE.